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Region: Jumilla

The objective of Esencia-Wines is to introduce you to the typical products of Jumilla, so that you discover the characteristic flavours of the area. A meticulous and innovative production process is used to make them, which is intended to surprise consumers and promote the products of Jumilla.

Knowledge, experience and certified quality

At Esencia-Wines we have our own vineyards in Jumilla, a region that has little rainfall and rocky soil. This creates the perfect conditions to grow vigorous vines that produce ripe grapes, so that we can make full bodied wines with great texture and lots of personality.

We make the wine at our own winery, which is located more than 700 metres above sea level, in a splendid setting surrounded by vineyards. The perfect place to make Jumilla wines that border on excellence.

All our wines with the Jumilla Designation of Origin comply with the requirements needed to be awarded quality and environmental certificates, and we look after our natural enclave so that we can supply the best wines from the land of Jumilla. With a unique taste, we guarantee the safety and the control of all the processes, along with the healthiness and quality of each of our wines.

Qualified Denomination of Origin

The main grape varieties that we use in our winemaking are the MonastrellPetit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, GarnachaTintorera, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Macabeo  which are treated beforehand so that they adapt perfectly to the soil and the climate of Jumilla.

We strive to obtain an innovative, incredible top quality product, which is why we have a plot of land set aside for research where we can innovate and carry out all kinds of tests on crops such as the Viognier, Touriga Nacional, Caladoc, Egiodolá, Rousanne, Marsanne, Gewurztraminer and Malbec.

We are eco-friendly too. We believe in biological farming, and we use organic farming methods in some of our plots of land, where synthetic PPPs and chemical pest management have been replaced by completely natural products.


A new and unique way of experiencing wine in Jumilla, where past and present become one

The museum has the second best exhibition at the national level cataloged in terms of pieces related to viticulture and oenology, a unique museum in Jumilla.
Open to the public since September 2018, a surface area of 1,500 m2, located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Sierra del Carche that houses the great history of the wine culture of Jumilla, a tour that chronologically, collects each and every one of the tasks and works related to the vine and wine, so that you can appreciate the land and the field, the harvest stage, the entry of the grapes into the winery, the cooperage work, the conservation and the laboratory, all of them necessary to understand the great work that was done and is done to understand the wine of the grape of Jumilla excellence such as “La Monastrell”. More info

 Carretera MU-15-A, Km.11,5 30520 Jumilla (Murcia)
 (+34) 968 975 942

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