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Jumilla - Spain's best-kept wine secret

From gnarled old vines growing in desert-like soils to wines displaying
vibrancy and beguiling aromas…Monastrell’s miraculous journey.

Exceptional Terroir  • Old-Vine Monastrell • Organic and Sustainable Practices • Ungrafted Vines

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JUMILLA 2023 VINTAGE THE WINE COUNCIL’S TASTING COMMISSION CARRIES OUT THE OFFICIAL RATING OF THE VINTAGE IN THE JUMILLA WINE MUSEUM Following a tasting of samples of the 2023 vintage last 10th May by 18 members of the Jumilla Wine Council’s official tasting...

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Experience the harmony of history and nature in every bottle.


Exceptional Terroir
With its high-altitude vineyards and deep limestone soils imparting character and individual flavour to its wines Jumilla boasts a unique terroir.

Old-Vine Monastrell

Jumilla is renowned for its old-vine Monastrell wines, whose depth and complexity and intense fruitiness convey the Mediterranean character of its land and history.

Organic and Sustainable Practices

Jumilla’s commitment to organic and sustainable viticulture meets the growing demand for environmentally conscious products.

Ungrafted Vines

Many Jumilla vineyards are planted with ungrafted vines. These preserve the purity and authenticity of the region’s grape varieties and contribute to the wines’ unique character.

International Acclaim
Jumilla wines have been gaining recognition and accolades on the international stage.



An ancient Spanish wine-growing region with diverse microclimates and landscapes


Many Jumilla wineries are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture and winemaking practices. This aligns with the increasing consumer demand for wines produced with respect for the planet and ethical values, providing distributors with a marketable selling point.


Jumilla wines have been gaining recognition and accolades on the international stage.

Our Wineries consistently receive high ratings from wine critics and have won awards at prestigious competitions.

Distributors can leverage this growing reputation to expand their customer base and attract wine enthusiasts.

jumilla - ECO-FRIENDLY VINE-GROWING steeped in a rich history

Today, Jumilla stands as a living legacy, where history is not confined to museums but is woven into the fabric of everyday life. Its streets, festivals, and even its gastronomy are steeped in traditions that have been cherished for centuries.

spoilt for choice For wine & fine dining

Soak up the culture, tradition and customs of a wine region with deep, historic wine-growing roots.

While enhancing your wine-growing knowledge, you can enjoy walking through amazing vineyards and national parks, stay a few nights in a rural setting, and taste the delicious gastronomy of the region…

Savour the grape, indulge your pAlate

Discover our historic grapes refined into every glass

Unique terroir: the essence of a region expressed in its wines

The region enjoys a mix of Continental and Mediterranean climatic influences and bathes in beautifully bright sunshine for around 3,000 hours in the year. While these influences forge the character of the wines in general, it is the huge variety of vineyard locations that determines the individual profiles of the wines.

Unveiling the past in every glass

Experience the special harmony of history and nature in every bottle.
harvesting & winemaking

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Jumilla - Spain's best-kept WINE secret

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