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While an exciting new wave of small wineries has appeared on the scene over recent years, Jumilla still has a relatively small number of wineries (42) compared to its surface area. The reasons for this lie in the traditions of yesteryear, when a large proportion of the Jumilla vineyard was farmed by individual vine growers, who sold their crops either as a member of a cooperative or as a supplier to a winery.

A growing number of the current generation of these grape producers have today become wine producers in their own right, which has resulted in a larger number of wineries. Others (some 1,600), although continuing the tradition, have developed a close technical partnership with dynamic cooperatives or wineries, who in turn vinify the grapes from their plots on an individual basis and produce terroir-driven brands that they are able to promote as part of a diverse portfolio.

Uniquely therefore, some of Jumilla’s finest terroir may be owned by a member of a cooperative or a local vine-grower. This is one of Jumilla’s best-kept secrets and goes some way towards explaining why the wines of Jumilla offer such incredible value for money. At present, Jumilla’s 42 wineries are made up of a range of small family set-ups, larger concerns still owned by families, and then one or two large groups, as well as 6 cooperatives.



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