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At Bodega Sierra Norte we have 150 hectares of vineyards in Jumilla, mostly old vineyards of Monastrell, the native grape par excellence of this area.

Here we produce the brands Equilibrio joven, Equilibrio 4, Equilibrio 9 and Equilibrio Sauvignon Blanc, wines of the DOP Jumilla.

These wines are balanced, very fruity and full of nuances, as we like to make expressive wines that let the grape speak.

At Sierra Norte, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, as we have found that by combining both worlds we achieve the best results.

For this, we have 20 concrete tanks with high micro-oxygenating capacity and, in addition, we have nine rotomacerators, a very unusual technology in the wineries of the area, which allows us a maximum extraction of nuances, colour, flavour and aromas of the grape.

As well as in Murcia, our DOP Jumilla wines have a notable presence in the Madrid region and in the Valencia region. Internationally, our wines are very well positioned in the exclusive Asian market.

 Paraje La Raja, Casa del Olmo 30520 Jumilla (Murcia)
 (+34) 962 32 30 99

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