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Dialogues on Art and Wine: Winemaking in the Jumilla DOP

July 4, 2024
Written by prensa

Winemaking in the Jumilla DOP:

the inspiration for the creation of a unique jewelry collection

Rosana Galián (GarraStudio) together with chef Pablo González-Conejero have created Latido (Heartbeat), a capsule collection of jewelry made up of four items and presented by the artists in a performative way.

This pioneering Jumilla project, Dialogues on Art and Wine, is currently releasing the series’ second part, in which the wine-making process is given center stage.

Pablo González-Conejero, a 2-star Michelin and Repsol 3 Soles chef at the Cabaña-Buenavista in Murcia and also the ambassador chef for the Jumilla DOP, continues his journey through wine, taking inspiration from artists in the region as well as from personalities working at different Jumilla DOP wineries. In this second episode of Dialogues on Art & Wine, the focus turns to the winemaking process.

In the episode, he partners Murcia architect and jewelry designer Rosana Galián from GarraStudio.  Combining their creative instincts, they delve into the history of the Jumilla DOP vineyard, calling in at several of the region’s wineries to gain first-hand experience of the wine making process, closely observing such processes as grape sorting, de-stemming, vat bleeding, the crushing of the fruit and the alcoholic fermentation.

Jumilla DOP, where wines are items of jewelry

The array of emotions experienced by the pair, as they observe the different interactions and movements in the winemaking and admire the resulting textures and colors, is conveyed through a series of scenes in the video, the elements of which provide the inspiration for the creation of Latido, a capsule collection of jewelry.

The sensations evoked are both sensorial and emotional, depicted in tones of red and magenta and using organic materials such as grape skins. The different forms convey the grapes’ transformation into wine and evoke on the one hand the winemakers’ feelings of doubt and nervousness and, on the other, the passion and teamwork involved in winemaking. These processes, carried out by Jumilla winemakers in each vintage, are the inspiration behind the creation of this unique, exclusive jewelry collection. 


“The Latido collection conveys the seething movements of the vinification with the oozing of the juices and the bubbling of the must as it ferments. With the solid elements such as the grape stems, skins and lees also being portrayed, we enter into a dynamic, living, breathing entity which, in order to became a superb Jumilla wine, requires the dedicated care and attention of the winemaker,” explains designer Rosana Galián.

The collection is made up of four pieces, each of which relates to the processes carried out in the making of Jumilla DOP wines:

  • “De-stemmer” earrings inspired from the process of separating the grapes from their stems
  • “Crush” chokers expressing the release of the juices from the skins
  • “Fermentation” medallions, symbolizing the rising and falling of the bubbles in the juices during fermentation
  • “Racking” earrings, inspired by the cellars’ hose pipes that twist and turn across the floor as the wine is racked from the vat.


Grape stomping, conveyed through art

The idea of presenting this collection in video-form came from the two protagonists’ wish to perform as a pair to convey their feelings artistically through a series of scenes. 

In the video, and in a nod to the time-honored Jumilla winemaking traditions, they play a scene in which the stomping of the grapes is acted out artistically. Rosana plays the role of a grape harvester treading on the grapes. The chef’s head represents the trodden grapes, while the juice oozing from his head reflects the great efforts needed in wine making and the success of working as a team.

Music adds emotion to the presentation

The music, El Fandango Jumillano performed by Conszzzzzzz, adds an extra layer of emotion to Pablo and Rosana’s art, linking each jewelry item with a fandango piece and offering the soundtrack to this second episode of Art and Wine Dialogues. 

“Jumilla has a wine…” is the first line of a traditional Jumilla folk song which resonates emotionally for the people of this land as well as for those around the world that know our wines.

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